Water Damage Columbia SC
#1 Rated Flood Restoration

Water Damage Columbia Sc

PRO Water Damage Restoration & Flood Mitigation

If your home has been flooded, we can clean up the mess and help you to avoid the costly expense of replacing your carpets. We provide flood restoration services throughout Columbia and strive to provide a reliable emergency service at a reasonable price.

In the event of a flood, dealing with the situation quickly and efficiently is absolutely paramount in terms of rescuing your carpet and saving you both time and money. Don’t delay and get in touch with us as quickly as possible. We will take care of everything!

Columbia Water Damage Experts - Better Service & At A Faster Pace

We Expedite The Paper-Work & Restoration Service Unlike Many Companies

We stock everything from small to large equipment in-house, giving you a faster service. Our certified company is highly trusted because we simply do things better.


How Will You Rescue My Carpet?

Our approach to flood restoration is to extract the water using powerful water extraction equipment that we keep ready in our large commercial vans and trucks. In some cases, the carpet and underlay will need to be uplifted and carefully cleaned using special solutions to remove dirt and prevent the build up of mold and bacteria. We also bring in professional-grade dryers and dehumidifiers to increase the speed of the drying process, which is a critical element of the process.


Highly Trusted In Columbia & Surrounding Areas

Fast, reliable emergency service
The latest water extraction equipment
Powerful dryers and dehumidifiers to speed up the drying process
Highly trained staff with experience of flood restoration
Competitive prices
Expedite Insurance Paper Work

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